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Benjamin Bussie

Associate Counselor

Benjamin is a Washington, D.C. native currently in his final year of the graduate program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He is in a dual master’s program earning a MA in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a MA in Counseling Psychology. His multifaceted background is in security administration, Christian faith, and suicide/crisis prevention. While Ben has served as a youth counselor and minister, he is not limited by his own faith which allows him to appreciate world views. After earning a BA in Criminal Justice, Benjamin knew he wanted to live a life of service and embarked on the academic path of mental and behavioral health. Partnered with this passion, Benjamin desires to serve as a component to help dispel the stigma between mental health and faith-based organizations.


As a victim of childhood trauma, Benjamin advocates for healing, self-awareness, and enjoying the journey of self-discovery. He has an interest in trauma studies, LGBTQ+ awareness and advocation, suicide prevention, family counseling, and substance addictions. Benjamin approaches counseling from both the Cognitive-Behavioral and Acceptance and Commitment theories but is ultimately open to explore other theoretical counseling frameworks. Benjamin’s appreciation for diversity and multicultural backgrounds helps him to better understand and appreciate varying perspectives.

Currently accepting new clients!


Benjamin Bussie
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