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Garine Dalce, LMSW


Garine received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston College and her MSW from Boston University. Additionally, Garine holds a Master’s in Business Administration. Throughout her career, Garine has focused on providing services to the underserved. Her multicultural background allowed her to serve many from different cultural backgrounds. She has experience working with immigrants, adolescents, and women. Her career expands to the Juvenile Justice System in which she has served in the role of Deputy Director to support healthy decisions for adolescents. With rich experience as a Life Coach, Garine realized she has the ability to provide a comforting ear to her clients.

Clinically, Garine values the importance of providing a safe space where one is able to voice their concerns and receive feedback. Garine’s goal is to work with clients experiencing anger, low self-esteem, and trauma that has held them from moving forward.


Garine Dalce, LMSW
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