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Tess Sherman, LGPC


Theresa “Tess” Sherman is a Washington, DC Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor. She is passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their personal goals. Whether that means unpacking trauma, learning new coping skills, or discovering new mindsets, Tess is committed to working collaboratively with clients, tailoring the counseling process to each person’s individual needs.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Tess has spent the past six years living in the Middle East and North Africa and the past ten years studying Arabic, French, and most recently, Spanish. While she conducts sessions in English, her culturally sensitive approach acknowledges and honors each client’s unique background. She believes that culture, traditions, and community play a central role in mental and emotional well-being and is dedicated to integrating these elements into her therapeutic practice.

Tess obtained her Master’s in Counseling from the College of New Jersey. She completed her training in an international school located in Rabat, Morocco, where she supported high school students and their families from a wide variety of backgrounds. She now works primarily with adults in the areas of anxiety, depression, life transitions, and trauma. Her interests include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as Internal Family Systems Therapy. No matter the approach, she most values the client-therapist relationship, striving to provide a warm, compassionate, accepting space for clients to share their thoughts, fears, aspirations, and more.

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Tess Sherman, LGPC
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