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Alyssa Beacom, LGPC


Alyssa is a licensed graduate professional counselor based in Washington D.C. She is a seasoned professional with a rich background that seamlessly blends teaching and counseling. Her journey took her across the globe, where she passionately taught various humanities subjects in culturally diverse settings such as France, Taiwan, Kuwait, Qatar, and domestically in the USA. It was during her involvement with women's empowerment groups in Uganda that Alyssa's life took a transformative turn, helping to shape her into the empathetic and insightful counselor she is today.


Her extensive experiences abroad have endowed Alyssa with a deep understanding of cultural nuances, making her a multiculturally-competent counselor. She firmly believes that an individual's cultural uniqueness and life experiences are integral components of their identity, influencing how they perceive and respond to the world. This perspective forms the foundation of her counseling approach, fostering an inclusive and respectful space for clients.


Alyssa specializes in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Multicultural Therapy, Affirmation Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. Her commitment to tailoring her approach to individual needs reflects her dedication to helping clients thrive. Alyssa is passionate about guiding her clients towards joy, fulfillment, and empowerment through talk therapy, empowering them to explore their full potential and discover options leading to a more meaningful and peaceful life.


Comfortable with diversity and proud to be an LGBTQIA+ ally, Alyssa ensures that her counseling practice is a safe and welcoming space for all clients. Beyond her professional pursuits, Alyssa's personal interests include reading, writing, photography, and spending quality time with her dogs. Committed to making a positive impact, she enjoys getting actively involved in volunteering at animal rescues and finds joy in exploring new destinations through travel. Alyssa's holistic approach, blending professional expertise with personal passion, creates a therapeutic environment that nurtures growth and well-being.

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Alyssa Beacom,  LGPC
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